Online Learning Series

These are fee-based online learning courses, eligible for PDA points through National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Current courses are listed below. Each link will lead you to a page with details about that particular course.


Interoception SAR WebinarInteroception - This course draws together the experience of three researchers who have evaluated the role of interoception in traditional East Asian medicine (TEAM) interventions, and explains how it is immediately relevant to acupuncture practice.

Complex Adaptive Systems Science SAR WebinarComplexity Science - This course reviews examples of current work using CAS models, each example using a different type of research methodology. In this course, we highlight the example of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dysmenorrhea SAR WebinarDysmenorrhea - New mechanisms research suggests a role for acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory effects, and explores changes in functional connectivity within pain-related brain areas. In this mixed lecture, reading and self-study course, Claudia Citkovitz will introduce the evidence basis and its impact on clinical care.

Case Reports SAR WebinarCase Reports - This webinar refines case analysis skills, and provides tools and inspiration to gather practice-based evidence. Students learn the building blocks of writing case reports to internationally recognized standards.


Additional courses will be listed here as developed.