The Society for Acupuncture Research is dedicated to improving the quality and increasing the awareness of research in acupuncture, herbal therapy and other modalities of Oriental Medicine. If you share our values and want to be an active part of SAR’s mission, we invite you to become a member and join the global dialogue that ultimately impacts the clinical scope and practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  Monthly payment options are available for individual professional members. 


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SAR's Evidence Based Assessments (EBAs) are designed to help you understand the strengths and limitations of the existing body of research, while providing succinct bullet point summary statements. 

The current library of condition-specific EBAs includes: Asthma; Neck Pain; Dysmenorrhea; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Rhinitis/Sinusitis; Bell's Palsy; Lower Back Pain; Hypertension; Hyperlipidemia; and, Headache. (Access to the EBA library is a key benefit of SAR membership). Also included in the library are 1-page handouts that summarize the research related to each condition. These handouts are designed for practitioners to give to patients or for other information purposes.   

For access to the full EBA Library, you can either join SAR today where it is included as a benefit of membership, or you can purchase a stand-alone subscription product. Click the "Join Today" link on the left-hand side of the page to learn more about both membership and available EBA subscription levels and pricing.