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Acupuncture for Dysmenorrhea: Understanding and working with the evidence basis

Dysmenorrhea is a prevalent and in some cases incapacitating problem, particularly among adolescents. Many acupuncturists report rapid and dramatic reduction in pain and other symptoms. However, the evidence basis somewhat equivocal at this point, with a 2016 systematic review concluding that more research is needed, and a 2018 review suggesting benefit. New mechanisms research suggests a role for acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory effects, and explores changes in functional connectivity within pain-related brain areas. In this mixed lecture, reading and self-study course, Claudia Citkovitz will introduce the evidence basis and its impact on clinical care.

After taking the course, practitioners can expect to be able to..

  • Understand the current evidence basis regarding acupuncture’s efficacy and cost effectiveness for dysmenorrhea
  • Set a Pubmed alert to be informed of future studies on acupuncture for dysmenorrhea, and feel comfortable evaluating their methods and findings
  • Understand the biomedical mechanisms associated with acupuncture’s impact on dysmenorrhea
  • Articulate to patients and providers the current evidence basis regarding acupuncture mechanisms and clinical impact on dysmenorrhea, and
  • Integrate biomedical insights on acupuncture mechanisms into their own evaluation and treatment of dysmenorrhea patients.

This course is eligible for 3 PDA points through NCCAOM.



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This course is eligible for 3 PDA points through NCCAOM

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