Acupuncture and women’s health: an overview of the role of acupuncture and its clinical management in women’s reproductive health.

Cochrane S, Smith CA, Possamai-Inesedy A, Bensoussan A.
Int J Womens Health. March 2014; 6: 313–325

Women having difficulty conceiving may want to turn to acupuncture. A recent review suggests that acupuncture treatments can support fertility and help with a range of gynecological conditions.
The narrative review, by Cochrane et al. (2014), discusses the results of more than 300 papers on acupuncture’s use in women’s health and the mechanisms by which it works to promote reproductive function. Preliminary evidence from the review supports the use of acupuncture for women with many gynecological conditions, including menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome, ovulatory dysfunction, and infertility.
Analysis of how acupuncture worked to treat reproductive function was inconclusive. Authors additionally report that many of the studies reviewed had methodological flaws, and that further research on how acupuncture can be applied in gynecology is warranted.
They write, “Further research that is informed by the experience in the rich traditions of acupuncture practice and the rigorous methods of evidence-based research is needed.”

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