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For acupuncture research educators at schools and institutions, SAR offers tools and resources to stay up-to-date about the latest research, connect with others who share interests, and to learn from experts in the field.  Here's how becoming a member of SAR can help...

  • SAR's growing library of Evidence Based Assessments provides an easy-reading format that summarizes the research for various conditions that have been studied.  Institutional members can share this library of PDF assessments with staff and students, and we also provide 1-page summary sheets available for use as resource handouts.  (This benefit alone is worth more than the cost of an institutional SAR membership.)
  • SAR's Member Directory provides a way to connect with other researchers, educators, and others...from those new to the field to acupuncture research veterans.  The Directory is searchable by name, location, research topics of interest, and research methods of interest.
  • Research Highlights will keep your staff and students up to date about recent research studies of interest.
  • Research Summary articles offer commentary about interesting research studies and why they matter.
  • SAR's Expert Interview Series offers glimpses into the background of prominent acupuncture researchers in the field - how they got started in acupuncture research, what areas of research interests them and why, advice for researchers who may be new to the field, and more.
  • SAR conferences offer a platform to connect in person with researchers and others from around the globe who share an interest in acupuncture research.  Each conference is designed to further your base of knowledge and hear about specific topics, while also hearing about new high-quality clinical studies and basic research.  Current institutional members receive one complimentary conference registration and others from your institution receive the member discounted rate on conference registration.
  • SAR members also have access to additional resources in the members-only area of SAR's website, including acupuncture methodology and trial design, sham acupuncture, and more (institutions can have up to 5 key profile contacts, and we recommend making one those contacts a more general contact to be shared with students and additional staff for their use). 

Boost your credibility by enhancing your knowledge base with a SAR membership, and connect with SAR through social media outlets to stay informed: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

We look forward to your involvement!

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