2023 Conference

SYMPOSIUM 1 (Thursday, 4:00pm - 5:30pm)

Anatomical Basis of Acupuncture: Understand the Physiological Basis of Needling

Presenters: Qiufu Ma, PhD; Yong-Ming Li, MD; Ari Ojeda Ocampo More, MD, MSc., PhD.

Panelists: Jiang-Ti Kong, MD; Rosa Schyner, DAOM, IFMCP, LAc; Lixing Lao, PhD, MB, LAc 


This session will explore recent progress regarding the anatomical basis of acupuncture practice. Dr. Qiufu Ma will discuss the presence of sensory neurons innervating specific fascial tissues, explaining how acupuncture can drive anti-inflammatory autonomic neural pathways in an acupoint-specific manner. Dr. Yong-Ming Li will discuss the regional distribution of mast cells that may contribute to acupoint specificity, with mast cell activation serving to amplify neuronal signals activated by acupuncture. Dr. Ari Ojeda Ocampo More will report on SAR’s guidelines for conducting and reporting on acupuncture studies in animals, with a detailed description of the anatomy associated with acupoint stimulation. Panel discussion: Dr. Jiang-Ti Kong and Rosa Schyner will discuss the importance of these studies and how best to capture acupuncture point anatomic specificity and other needling manipulation (e.g. electrostimulation, heat) in a database that could facilitate rigorous basic, translational, and clinical research.