Acupuncture in Spain: Current Status and the Experience of Responding to Governmental Challenges


This video will be available here for public access until January 6, 2021.  (After January 6, it will be available in the password-protected member section of SAR's website.)

In this webinar, Dr. Beltrán Carrillo, SAR’s Global Ambassador for Spain, presents and discusses the current status of acupuncture in Spain. (Moderator: Ari More, MD, MSc; SAR Board member)


Discussion topics include:

  • Overview of unique role acupuncture plays in the public and private healthcare systems in Spain
  • Styles of acupuncture mainly used in Spain
  • Research papers from Spain that may interest others
  • How the Spanish acupuncture community responded to a recent governmental attack against acupuncture
  • How research helped to strengthen the acceptance of acupuncture as a healthcare option in Spain