Abstract Specifications


Poster size:  46 inches x 46 inches maximum size

Language:  English

Format Guidelines:  The poster should consist of text, images, tables, and photos. It should be clear and concise. The image resolution should be 200–300dpi.Our suggestion is that the font size of the main heading be 90–150 so that it could be seen clearly 2 meters away; the font size of subheads 50–72; the font size of the text 28–44. Please select the proper font size according to your specific conditions. We recommend a mix of text 20%, images 40%, white space 40%.  

Content: 1. Background; 2. Objective; 3. Materials and Methods; 4. Results and Discussion; 5. Conclusion; 6. Reference; 7. Acknowledgement 

Each poster will be presented on its assigned day, either Thursday, April 27 or Friday, April 28, 2017.  Main authors whose abstracts were approved as poster sessions should have received an email notification of acceptance.  Posters should be made by required dimensions listed above, brought to the conference, and posted to their specific location by participants themselves. Participants will find their respective poster board location when checking in to the conference, via the conference handouts.
Posters will be affixed to standing poster boards.  Push pins will be provided (already on each standing poster board). 

NOTE: Each poster board will accommodate TWO posters on each side, so please use only ½ of the board when affixing your poster to the board (these will be numbered, so look for your assigned number to find out where to place your poster).

Thursday posters should be up by Thursday morning by 2pm and taken down by Thursday evening at 8pm.

Friday posters should be up by Friday morning at 7:30am and taken down by Friday evening at 8pm.

NOTE: Posters that are not picked up by 8pm on your assigned day as listed above will be discarded.

Authors who submitted abstracts were notified of their status by email to the main contact listed in their submission



Individual oral abstract presentations should be no longer than 12 minutes in duration with 2 minutes following to allow for questions from attendees.

We recommend that your slide presentation be approximately 12 slides, allowing 1 slide per minute. However, you should practice your talk often to make sure that you can deliver your talk within the allotted time.

Please bring your presentation with you to the conference on a portable drive.  When you check in at registration, you will have the opportunity to preview the presentation onsite and transfer to our laptop computer.  
Final presentation files are due to us onsite by Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 7pm.

If your presentation format is for MAC, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we can be sure to have a MAC laptop available to preview your presentation.  Otherwise we will assume you are bringing a Windows compatible PowerPoint presentation.

Presentations should be made clearly in English.

Note:  Oral presentations may be video-recorded during the conference.  All presenters will be asked to sign a photo/video release form when they check in onsite.