Regarding Travel to the U.S. to Attend SAR's Conference

Dear SAR members and 2017 conference registrants:   

The SAR board has been monitoring the recent actions restricting citizens from seven countries from traveling to the United States. As an international organization dedicated to the advancement of acupuncture research, we are concerned about the potential impact of the ban on international scientific collaboration.  Acupuncture research is fundamentally an international effort and progress is possible only through the contributions of researchers around the world. Our scientific meetings are the most prominent venue for sharing acupuncture research and are essential to improving collaboration.  SAR members and other scientists are directly affected by the US travel ban and the SAR board shares their deep concern about the negative impact that such a travel ban will have on research productivity and, more generally, healthcare research. These travel restrictions will negatively affect the ability of the United States to attract talented researchers, clinicians, and students whose collaborative work advances research and evidence-based assessments of acupuncture.


We are committed to maximize accessibility for all prospective attendees to participate in our meetings.  While the legality of this ban is being decided in the courts, we will continue to monitor the situation and support efforts to reject it.  If you wish to voice your concern as well, we suggest signing on to a petition being circulated in support of the scientific community that includes signatures from 50 Nobel laureates:



The SAR Board