Abstract Specifications

To be determined


Poster size: 120cm (High) x 90cm (Width)

Language: English

Format Requirements:

The poster should consist of text, images, tables, and photos. It should be clear and concise. The image resolution should be 200300dpi. Our suggestion is that the font size of the main heading 90150 that could be seen clearly 2 meters away; the font size of subheads 5072; the font size of the text 2844. Please select the proper font size according to your specific conditions. We recommend that text 20%, images 40%, white space 40%. Colors of poster should be suitable to be harmony which follow a principle of no more than three colors, except for the photos.  

Content: 1. Background; 2. Objective; 3. Materials and Methods; 4. Results and Discussion; 5. Conclusion; 6. Reference; 7. Acknowledgement


Each poster will be presented on its assigned day, either Friday, May 30 or Saturday, May 31, 2014.  All of the representatives whose abstracts were approved as poster sessions should have received an email notification of acceptance.  Posters should be made by required dimensions listed above, brought to the conference, and posted to their specific location by participants themselves. Participants will find their respective poster board location when checking in to the conference, via the conference handouts or labels.

Authors who submitted abstracts were notified of their status by email to the main contact listed in their submission.

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